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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lessons from a rookie season....

Lessons I Learned As A First Year Professional…Lessons Not Just For Professionals…

A month and a half ago concluded my rookie season as a pro triathlete. The Princeton web dictionary defines a “rookie” as- “an awkward and inexperienced youth.” I get that. I learned a lot of things this year and I hope some of them can help someone else’s transition to triathlon be a little less painful than it is supposed to be……

*"I don't believe in the danger of overtraining, but I do believe in the danger of under-resting”
-Deena Drossin Kastor

The debate about overtraining aside, I think Deena makes a great point here about how the training benefits of rest are often dramatically undervalued. Building rest days into your program is just as important in preparing you for your race as building in hard workout days. I would put myself out there to say that appreciating the value of rest is the single biggest factor that helped me make the jump from age grouper to professional. It is incredibly ironic, but to be faster- you have to learn how to rest more.

*Don’t give into intimidation

Before my first professional race in Philadelphia this year, I thought my guts were going to explode from nervousness before the gun went off. I thought I seriously didn’t belong in a field of athletes ripped right off the pages of Triathlete magazine. I didn’t have a professional looking uniform- I was wearing a sports bra and some tri shorts that didn’t match- I even looked like I didn’t belong. My goal going into the race was just not to get last by too much. The gun sounded, I raced within myself and ended up on the podium. All that worry for nothing; I should have been enjoying the race from the start.

*You can’t be successful if you are not having fun

Self explanatory. For most of us, triathlon is supposed to be a source of enjoyment, fun and friendship. When triathlon becomes stressful and a burden- it is really hard to be successful. Keep it all in perspective and have fun!!

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  1. Nicole, I found your blog through the USAT CNC's article. As a self-coached athlete, I really appreciate reading your old posts regarding self-training, and making it all work without the support of sponsors and development teams. Reading about and learning how other people made it all work is such a helpful tool. Your pro-lisence is clearly well-deserved. Congrats on a great rookie season! -Rachel